Naledi, our first children’s home, opened in January 2007.
Naledi means ‘star’ and we truly believe that every child is a star in the making and that with the right input,
each one, no matter what their background, can soar to great heights and accomplish what he sets his heart on.

Naledi is a satellite home with a capacity of 10 children. It is managed in conjunction with the Apostolic Faith Mission Executive Welfare Council, as part of their uMephi program. They provide support in terms of registration with the Department of Social Welfare, placing of the children, providing a social worker as well as taking responsibility for all the legal aspects of each child. As a church we take care of the day to day operation of the house and the welfare of the children. This includes schooling, food, clothing and health as well as social and spiritual aspects. These day to day functions are overseen by a committee of volunteers from the church (a Project Manager, Operations Leader, Prayer Coordinator, Treasurer, the House Parents and Marketing Coordinator).

The children at Naledi are from various backgrounds and cultures, but all have one thing in common – they were children at risk and were taken away from their families due to abuse, neglect or being orphaned.

Naledi is focused on housing, equipping and caring for school-going children. We currently cover the full spectrum of that range, with children up to Grade 12.