We are not always able to help the hundreds, but we can all make a difference in one child’s life.
Take up the challenge personally, as a family or as a life group, to take care of the needs of one child.

Ways in which I can commit to Support-a-Child:

  • Pray for a specific child.
  • Contribute towards extramural activities (e.g. dancing, music lessons).
  • Sponsorship towards therapy sessions.
  • Sponsor their sports (clothes and term fees).
  • Purchase their monthly toiletries.
  • Buy clothes as needed.
  • Ad hoc activities (e.g. camps, tours).
  • Be a weekend/holiday family:
    The weekend or holiday program is for individuals or families who would like to host a specific child one weekend a month and/or during school holidays. It is a challenging but very rewarding way to build a lasting relationship with one of our children.

For the Little Angels, the program entails taking them out for a few hours, a day outing or visiting them at the home. To apply, please fill out the application form below and return it to the HCH office via fax or email.
Click here to download the form.